Gine Rinehart Video Message To The Sydney Mining Club

This is the video of Gina Rinehart posted on the Sydney Mining Club’s YouTube account.

Rinehart argues that Australia has become uncompetitive and too expensive for exporters because of the carbon tax and the minerals resource rent tax.

She says: “Now the evidence is unarguable – that Australia is indeed becoming too expensive and too uncompetitive to do export-orientated business,” she said at the video posted on the Sydney Mining Club Web site… Our federal and state governments must know that now, more than ever, we must lift our international competitiveness just to stay as well off as we are. And with state and federal debts we must get realistic – not just promote class warfare… What was too readily argued as the self-interest complaints of a greedy few is now becoming the accepted truth, and more ominously, is showing up in incontrovertible data.”

Land Of Hope And Dreams: Wayne Swan’s John Button Oration

This is Treasurer Wayne Swan’s John Button Oration, delivered tonight.

Wayne Swan

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Text of Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan’s John Button Oration.


One of the aspects of my job I enjoy most is speaking to different parts of our community about so many different facets of our economy. In roughly eight years in the Treasury portfolio I’ve made hundreds of speeches on economic topics, which is of course no great surprise particularly given the whiteknuckle ride the global economy has been through in recent times.

But tonight I want to do things a bit differently. Tonight I want to talk to you in a very personal way about some of the values that have underpinned these speeches and about some of the influences that have shaped those values. In particular I want to talk to you about the ends of economic policy: what sort of society we want, and the sorts of lives we each aspire to lead.

To answer those questions we need to broaden our debates beyond the usual parameters of economic argument and policy-making. Most importantly, we need to talk about culture. Because it is culture perhaps more than anything else which influences our values, which in turn shape the type of society we want to build and the sorts of lives we want to lead. [Read more…]